Logan Paul Reacts To Mike Tyson's NEW Training Footage

Logan Paul Reacts To Mike Tyson's NEW Training Footage

Hey there! Have you ever wanted to see the cartoons you did in your childhood? You know, come out with a bang, a new twist, or just a reunion episode? Well, if you are a fan of boxing, which you probably are, you would feel the same way about the upcoming Mike Tyson versus Logan Paul fight, which could possibly be scheduled next year. Mike Tyson was a legend, and we all know that. Iron Mike was hard as a rock, and it seems like he still is. With the Paul brothers going all out for their boxing careers, it seems like they will stop at nothing to bring the world's attention back to boxing. But certain decisions that they make could potentially end in regrets. And that is what Logan might be feeling right now. Logan had a very interesting reaction to Mike Tyson's latest training video, and I think you should watch till the end to find out exactly what it was.

The Paul brothers have been spotted challenging famous individuals in the sport to fight in fights intended to integrate the two into mainstream boxing on several occasions. Without a doubt, the matches that resulted from such challenges have received widespread recognition for their veneration in the sport, as well as being avidly watched and appreciated by spectators all over the world. Mike Tyson himself recently lauded this regeneration as proof.

Logan and Jake Paul, according to Mike Tyson, arguably saved boxing and revitalized the tradition of appreciating the sport in the mainstream media. Other new fighting sports, such as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and platforms such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), he asserted, were dominating the entertainment industry and progressively putting boxing out of business. The Paul brothers, however, witnessed events that pulled spectators back to boxing after an apparently ludicrous incursion. This comment was made in October 2021, and Tyson had regarded the two brothers in great respect because of their accomplishment. It was, however, going to develop into something Tyson probably had not expected.

Logan held a news conference after his fight with Floyd Mayweather in June, claiming that Mike Tyson made a bogus prediction on Logan's YouTube channel about Mayweather knocking him up. He went on to say that the bout did not go as Tyson had hoped and that he did not take a big beating. As a result, a feud between the two was forming. Tyson has been retired since 2005, and his only fight since then was an exhibition against Roy Jones Junior. Meanwhile, Logan's career as a boxer has taken off, and he is focusing more on his fighting than his YouTube channel.

The bout has been agreed upon by Tyson. In fact, he recently stated that given a decent payment, he would be happy to fight any of the Paul brothers. In October, he indicated how if the numerals hit a hundred million, he would be prepared to take Logan Paul on inside the ring. The specific date and location of the battle have yet to be announced, but it is scheduled to take place in February 2022. This will be an exciting battle to witness, especially considering Tyson's desire to teach Logan a lesson about sailing against a great of his magnitude.

Logan, on the other hand, has gradually begun to overcome his initial apprehension about fighting. He didn't want to be associated with the shame of defeating an elderly guy, so his prior offers to fight Tyson were just half-hearted. Logan, on the other hand, is not adamant after receiving a lot of negative feedback recently about his success record in professional forecasts. He has stated that the comments he has gotten are insulting, and it appears that he will no longer allow Tyson and the others to speak down on him.
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