Lyke-Wake Dirge -anything villain map parts 13A,11B,9C (flashing, shaky cam)

Months of hard work is done! This is probably some of the best stuff Ive ever made, especially part B. I have some individual things to say about each part, would love if you read it! Please check out this amazing map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tY8LjE6lfH4

This is a villain map, so I chose my OCs from my story that I recently changed the name from Blue clouds to The Blue Void because it sounds cooler I dunno and more accurate to the story. The villains in this map are called Lukas (glasses) and Domino (yellow eyes with vitiligo) and two of their victims Max (Brown furred guy) and Butch (Blind guy). Don't worry, theyre both still alive. Just permanently scarred.
I guess this would be kind of a spoiler for the story but I don't care. Domino gets his head chopped off, what a surprise. How and why I won't say, but yeah.

Part 13A: This is the last part I got done. I got it done literally a couple minutes ago. Probably took me the longest, just because of the animation. Its probably my least favorite out of these, but I am still proud of it! I think I managed to pull off the animation pretty well.

Part 11B: Finished this exactly a week ago, and its my favorite out of these. MAN am I proud of it. I managed to find a new style of shading while making it and it looks good!! I also had a REALLY fun time with the editing.

Part 9C: Technically finished this in July, but I redid some shading and editing yesterday. I think it looks pretty good. It took like a day to make so it was pretty chill.
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