Magic Buster's Rainbow Super Power | Buster and Friends | Kids Cartoons | Children's Stories

Buster the Bus wakes up in a world where all the color has gone. However, when he finds out he has the power to magically color things in, he makes it his quest to make everything as colorful as possible…

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0:08 Magic Buster's Rainbow Super Power
2:09 Snow Ball Fight! - Buster and Bandit Work Together As A Team
4:05 5 Little Ducks - Be Careful When Crossing the Road
6:08 Buster Teaches Shapes
8:10 Fireworks with Family Fun
9:40 Ice Creams Down the Beach - Build the Sandcastle!
11:40 Buster's Trip to the Supermarket - Where Did Grandpa Go?
13:41 Buster and Ash's Playdate - It's Not All About Winning
15:36 Skidding Race in Muddy Puddles - A Stormy Day
17:36 Buster Builds A Snowman
19:36 Tidying Up Together - Do it Right
21:43 The Smashed Flowerpot - Mommy to the Rescue
23:47 The Soccer Bus - Don’t Be Nervous
25:48 Buster and Scout Get Lost In The Maze!
27:48 Buster's New Tires

Little Baby Bus:

Little Baby Bum:
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