MAGiC FiSH!! Will it work?

Shonduras tries to get baby Adley to grow!!

Shonduras sets out to get Adley to grow: Will the magic fish cracker make baby Adley grow? Join him on this fun-filled adventure as he takes Adley on a magical journey to find out if this legendary snack lives up to its reputation. Watch as Adley eagerly chomps down on the fish cracker, and see if she starts to grow before your very eyes! Along the way, Shonduras and Adley encounter all sorts of obstacles and challenges, but they never lose their sense of fun and adventure. This video is packed with excitement, humor, and heart, and it's sure to be a hit with viewers of all ages. So come along for the ride and see if the magic fish cracker lives up to its legendary reputation. Will it work? You'll have to watch to find out!

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this is our youtube shorts!! this is a place that i can share all of my favorite moments from my adley videos! dinosaur stuff with Niko, crafts with Mom, pirate island with dad, vacations with Navey, and pet spa with Olive and Koopa!
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