Manly P Hall - How Modern Philosophy Can Cope with the Atom

Manly P Hall Digitally Restored Audio Lectures Collection: How Modern Philosophy Can Cope with the Atom - Atom in Religion and Philosophy - Manly P.Hall
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Manly Palmer Hall: Many hours of tedious, repetitive labor has been put into Digitally Restoring each of the 500+ lectures included in this collection!!!!
I will continually be updating this collection as I further enhance/fix some of the remaining audio issues with each lecture in each set.
This collection from MANY different sources (Cassette, Digital, etc). So I try to remove muffling, overblown sharp highs, enhance vocals, tighten bass, clean audio, remove hiss, pops, fix speed/pitch/tone, etc.
This is the BEST Quality set of Manly Palmer Hall's lectures currently available ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!
However, this set contains what I consider to be the VERY BEST of Manly P. Hall and each lecture is far, far better quality than any other version available anywhere.
In every lecture, I also normalized the audio levels of speech throughout the lecture to make it much more audible. Quality will vary somewhat from lecture to lecture given the rarity of many of these.
Please be aware that not all lectures are of perfect flawless quality, as source materials which would allow such restoration are extremely rare. However, about 3/5ths of the set or more are close to very good quality and the rest are of good listenable quality.
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Thank you!
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