Max Steel (2016) Film Explained in Hindi Summarized हिन्दी

Max Steel (2016) Sci-Fi thriller movie explained in Hindi voice over. The story of the American survival science fiction film "Max Steels" is summarized with a full ending in हिन्दी explanation. The plot is about 'Max' who becomes aware of some strange energy waves emerging from his body. He is worried about exploring them. Later, he pays a visit to his father’s laboratory, where he had died. Later, he was pursued by a mysterious alien figure who followed him. Steel, a silicone-based creature tasked to defend him. Max runs into his late father’s friend 'Miles', with whom he worked, and tries to figure out why he died. Max's energy waves are absorbed by Steel, who informs him that he has been possessed by a magical power. Steel informs Max that his father was killed by an ultra-link alien storm. Actually, his father was an alien, and Max is an superhero alien as well. 'Miles' wanted to employ the same energy waves that his father possessed. Finally, to avenge his father's death, Max fights with concerning one and kills him.

Images and footage Source: Open Road Films Pictures and Ingenious Media Distribution
Director: Stewart Hendler
Edited by: Michael Louis Hill
Based on: Max Steel by Mattel

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