MBPP EP. 601 - Sober October Rules

Welcome to our version of Sober October! Today we are laying down the rules for the month. What you can't consume and what you are challenged to accomplish every day.

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Time Stamps:
00:00 - LMNT to combat caffeine withdrawals
03:30 - Hannah just wants to get away from everyone
05:20 - Experiencing a survival course
10:39 - Wolverines are scary ass animals & what to do around bears
12:55 - Cruisin around in Big Bertha the Fitness RV
17:35 - Hanging out with Dana Linn Bailey
19:09 - How long has Hanna been married?
22:21 - Great relationship advice from Hannah
26:09 - How did Hannah help her anger issue
30:42 - Was the competition in Crossfit beneficial?
34:57 - “No matter what you apply yourself to, you will succeed”
36:50 - Doing fitness for the right reasons and committing to it
42:00 - Learning Pain in Iceland
47:01 - Put in a lot of 7’s instead of a few 10’s
51:11 - Worst shape Hannah has been in
54:18 - Being ok with being really bad at something
59:32 - Advice for women building their own brand
1:02:11 - How Hannah manages not oversexualizing her social media
1:08:20 - Eating on the road & her nutrition
1:11:52 - Hannah’s eating disorder
1:15:21 - Crossfit was empowering
1:18:16 - Poop Stories
1:32:10 - Hannah’s degenerative disks
1:36:35 - Training with DLB
1:37:36 - What is it like working on your own company?
1:41:47 - Is Animal Flow preferred over lifting?
1:44:52 - Looking up during hikes
1:48:24 - What is Hannah’s next challenge?
1:52:40 - Compound vs Iso Movements
1:54:10 - What was it like finishing the Icelandic trip?

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