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Do you like watching martial arts? How about martial arts with a bit of adventure and fun? Welcome to the official channel for Kalari Kids, another great 2d cartoon series created by Green Gold Animation, also the most popular comedy and adventure show on Pogo and Amazon Prime. The show revolves around the village of Kalaripuram, which preserves and practices the ancient martial art of Kalaripayat. Kalari is practiced for kids by two brother gurus, Guru Palan and Guru Veta, with two different philosophies. Guru Palan believes in bringing the best out of his students with light-hearted methods, valuing their age and innocence. Guru Veta believes in a rigid military form of training. After training, students return to their regular lives. They go to school, study, hang out with friends, and play video games like other normal kids. The dense forest around Kalaripuram is full of many magical secrets and that magic protects the forest and town of Kalaripuram. The cartoon creates a world centered around excellent animation, exciting stories and the everyday experiences of young children. This show is loved by all ages, as it tells the story of friendship with play, laughter and adventure.

Green Gold Animation has launched an official YouTube channel for the show 'Kalari Kids' due to widespread interest from kids and parents alike.  The show also gives parents an opportunity to teach and play with their children while watching them together, and the uniqueness of episodes is best for refreshing and also best for watching something different than regular animation series. The show's stories bring families together with fun, educational content that makes universally relatable school moments fun. Kids will love watching the unique storyline of this cartoon more and this show will help your kids to get rid of their boredom along with entertainment and learning.

Get ready to explore together with us, many new stories are waiting for you.

Come with Kalari kids and become their best friends.

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