Meeting the OG Elmo (Kevin Clash)

Y'all saw me meet the original host of Steve from Blue's Clues last Saturday, but today just got even more epic because I got the chance to meet a literal Sesame Street/Muppet legend.

That's right, I'm talking about the one and only Kevin Clash, the well-known Muppeteer who is best known for being the original performer of Elmo from "Sesame Street" and he has performed/voiced Elmo from 1984 all the way until 2012 (since then, Ryan Dillon has performed Elmo to this day). He also played Baby Natasha and Hoots the Owl on "Sesame Street" and also Baby Sinclair from "Dinosaurs". But Elmo is whom I recognize him for the most.

There's no doubt that Kevin was the guy who made a little furry red monster a global phenomenon and a worldwide icon. The fact that I got to meet the guy responsible for making Elmo who he is today is such a tremendous honor.

I even got to surprise him a bit.

so yeah, this is epic. And there's ANOTHER nostalgic surprise coming y'all's way very soon. ;)

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