Mermaid Secret Exposed!? | Mermaid High Episode 11 Animated Series | Cartoons for Kids

h20MG! Are the merfriends dead in the water!? Catalina and Devin dumped water on Searra and exposed her mermaid seacret identity to every student at Mermaid High. Now it’s up to the Cora and the merfriends to convince everyone it was an illusion. Buuut, will the other mermaids accidentally reveal their secret identity too!?

Dive deep into the world of Mermaid High! Finly, Searra, Oceanna and Mari are BFF students making serious waves with their unique style and outrageous personalities. But they’ve got a big sea-cret... they’re actually mermaids! Fins, fashion, and friendship as deep as the ocean! Can you keep their sea-cret? h2OMG! New episodes every Saturday!

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