MERMAiD SHORE HiDE N SEEK!! Adley and her pets find a baby kraken playing Underwater Catch #shorts

Say Hi to our Baby Mega Squid Friend!


HEY EVERYBODY! We only have ONE MORE UNiCORN to find!! We think she might be hiding in the SEA MONSTERS DEN! Adley and her Friends are gonna go check it out! When they get there they see The Last Unicorn playing with a BABY MEGA SQUiD! They are so CUTE! They are playing volleyball! Adley and the other Seahorse-icorns want to play too! Everyone is having so much fun! But then the Mama Kraken shows up! The unicorns get scared and hide behind Adley and the Baby Kraken! Our new ocean friend has an idea! Lets let the Mega Squid PLAY WiTH US TOO! It works! Now everyone is BEST FRiENDS FOREVER!

my last video - HiDDEN SEAHORSEiCORNS!! Adley finds her underwater pets around Mermaid Shore! Hide N Seek #Shorts

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