Miffy is poorly|MIFFY CLASSIC | Cartoons for children

Mr. Rabbit takes Miffy to the beach. She spends the whole day at the beach; building sand castles, bathing in the sea. She has such a good time she doesn’t want to go home. Mr. Rabbit pulls the cart with Miffy in it and soon she is asleep.

It is Miffy’s Birthday. Her chair is covered in flowers, friends come over to play. In the evening her grandparents come over for dinner and she gets a cuddly bear that she keeps with her all evening and even in bed.

Miffy doesn’t feel well at all. She goes to the doctor and who sends her to the hospital. At first she is scared, everything is unknown to her. But fortunately everybody is so nice and comforting, and she gets a beautiful nurse-doll as a present.

Miffy wakes up, outside it is all white. She wraps up warmly and goes outside. She builds a snowman, rides her new skates and takes care of an almost frozen bird for which she builds a birdhouse.
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