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Mighty Raju and his friends enjoy playing video games on their mobile phones! Elders get worried that children have got addicted to their phones. Children have got addicted to a famous mobile game. Suddenly, a deadly virus attack occurs on children’s mobile phones. And now, Aryanagar children are kidnapped by an evil gamer.

Will Mighty Raju be able to save the Aryanagar children from danger? Watch this Mighty Raju video to know the end!

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Mighty Raju and his friends are having a great time in school! In the evening, Raju finds his father working on a project in the lab at home. Raju gets excited as Swami is making a cloning machine. Raju helps his father, and they successfully design the cloning machine. Dr. Swami is happy and wants to try the cloning machine. But, Swami ends up creating his evil avatar through the cloning machine. This evil avatar starts troubling Aryanagar city and its people!

Can Mighty Raju be able to protect Aryanagar? Will Swami’s faulty invention land him in trouble?

Watch this Mighty Raju video to know the end!
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