Mini Wolf | Mini Loup | Wolfi (Children Cartoon English) S2E20

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Mini Wolf, also known as "Mini Loup" is a French comic book series and cartoon series. Mini Wolf is also the name of the main character in the series. Mini-Loup comic book by Philippe Matter.
The nonsense, the jokes, the arguments, the discoveries, whether at home or at school... Each episode makes live an intensely intense day of Mini-Loup and its faithful friends. In the manner of Little Nicholas, he tells of his life as a young schoolboy, with his moments of doubt and bravery, his brilliance, his empty moments, his sorrows and his inevitable signature sessions of the notebook! But it's not just school in life. There are also games and sports, weekends , holidays and a whole lot of moments where you can learn about social life through its main themes: knowing how to keep a secret, stay yourself, to trust or know how to say "no".
Mini Wolf a.k.a. "Mini Loup"
Leeloo a.k.a "Dilou" (Mini Wolf's sister)
Mini Wolf's Mother
Mini Wolf's Father
Mini Wolf's Grandfather
Mini Wolf's Grandmother
Anderson a.k.a "Anicet"
Michael (Anderson's father)
Betty (Anderson's mother)
Moussa's father
Spiky a.k.a. "Mini Pic"
Lou a.k.a. Muche
Rosie (Girl-Cow)
Elliot (Boy-Racoon)
The Grunt Brothers (Nepoleon, Attila, and Caeser)
Robert Grunt (Grunt Brothers Father/ School Principal)
Miss Googly a.k.a "Miss Biglu"
Principal/Headmaster of the school
School Nurse
Father Basil a.k.a "Father Basile"
Suzie (Spiky's Sister)
Spiky's mother/ Librarian
Spiky's father/ Carpenter
Lynn (Sheep Girl)
Paolo (Min Wolf's cousin)
Racoon Gardener
Robby (Mini Wolf's paternal uncle)
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