Modern Sonic V.S. Movie Sonic - Full Movie [Animation] ソニック v. ソニック

The Sonic multiverse turns upside down after Dr. Eggman steals the Master Emerald. This leads to two of the most iconic Sonics meeting each other, Game Sonic and Movie Sonic. Their Tails and Knuckles counterparts are in the mix, too. This the most action-packed Sonic movie you will ever see!

Additional Credits:
ホワイトグリントFA by 風味カラー追加
Fun Gun by amiamy111
Smart Speaker Set by Chee Shep
MLG Shades by mmdfuph
MMD Sonic Item Pack by Astroseedp
ホワイトグリントFA by 風味カラー追加
Ratchet and Clank Weapon Pack by Oscarthechinchilla
Big Rock model by Cherryboy
Tails Cyclone by Neoncrafter12
Tornado Planes Sonic Unleashed by Thehomingbluestar
Portal 2 Newcomers Enhanced Cores by MMDCharizard
Mario High Quality model by SAB64
Luigi V2 model by SAB64
Wisps by SAB64
Longclaw model by Langtanium

Stage13by G_Wuuuuuu
Residential area, 雪原 by ムムム
tikei341, tikei411, tikei412 by Mr. Tozen
ざっくり森ステージ1.1 by Ai2418sv
清水風 byムムム
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mmd__crystal_platform and mmd__ice_path by kaahgomedl
森の木陰, 林の中の草むら stages by ムムム
Lost Woods stage by livbbies
ざっくり森ステージ1.1 stage by Ai2418sv
Amnesia Fields, Small Beach stages by reseliee
カット46背景01 川 by ?
路地ステージ by wanta_4313
夏日咨询-游乐园ver1.0 by ?
椛暗式 by 椛暗
US Coffee Square stage by daucongluyen
Super Bell Hill stage by SAB64
St.17 SimpleTunnel stage by winglayer
ガレキ町2.2ハラッパ stage by ?
球体星図 by yuduki123
Wire stage and earth ver1.1.b stages by youkan
earth ver1.1b stage by
Landscape stage by nattadamuts
Floating Rocks stage by mikuevalon

Project Shadow - Sonic X (JAP)
It Doesn't Matter (Orchestral) - Sonic Symphony
The Death Match Winds Down - Dragon Ball Super

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