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When Molly loses her Teddy it’s a mystery Gecko helps to solve, but with a huge heap of good fortune...

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00:00 Intro
00:08 Molly's Lost Teddy Adventure
02:20 Weasel Plan Thief
04:28 Emergency Ice Cream Adventure
06:29 Baby Truck Sleepover
08:32 Spooky Camping!
10:37 Kat's Base Energy Crisis
12:46 Grandma Gecko's Sports Car Chase
14:55 Rainbow Carnival Dress Up
16:59 Gecko is Sleepwalking
19:09 Bobby's Broken Windscreen
21:07 Grandma Gecko to the Rescue
23:13 Bedtime Repairs
25:20 Go Go Green!
27:28 Monster Truck Mix Up
29:35 Weasel's New Wheels
31:47 Runaway Caravan
33:50 Super Mechanical
35:50 Flying Fire Truck - Birthday Beach Party
37:52 Rocket-Powered Ice Cream Truck
40:02 Sly and The Mole
42:02 Motorcycle Madness
44:11 Flying Birthday Party Cake

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