Mom & Kids Vacation!! Swimming and Harry Potter World! Navey wakes up early and morning routine

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Best Vacation Day Ever 1254

Today starts super early when Baby Navey decides to wake up Jenny and Adley at 5:30 in the morning. A very early start to their vacation morning routine! Soon Niko Bear is awake and Jenny has to figure out where to get breakfast for everyone, cause it's so early the restaurant isn’t open. They decide to go on a scavenger hunt to find food before deciding to head back to the park to ride rides.

First stop is Harry Potter World! Jenny and Adley try to ride Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. Adley still isn’t quite tall enough so Jenny goes solo on this ride and she can’t wait till the kiddos can ride it for the first time because it's her favorite ride ever. They then head to Jurassic Park where they are going to meet a real life Raptor. Niko Bear is so excited because he loves dinosaurs. He is speechless when he finally sees the velociraptor and can’t wait to get a picture with it.

You might be wondering what I’m up to in Dubai. Well, we were having such a best day ever, that I forgot to film. But we do have a surprise that we can talk about really quick. I am Lord Shonduras and Jenny is my Lady!! As an awesome surprise for Jenny, I got us two plots of land in Scotland so that we could be a lord and lady. Our friends over at Established Titles have hooked us up. I really like this because when you sign up, they plant a new tree to help conservation efforts. Its a great, fast gift idea, taking only 5 minutes. You can change your name on credit cards or plane tickets to Lord or Lady, and you get a certificate with a unique number to help you find your plot of land. and of course, we got you hooked up with a discount, just make sure to use the link above to get 10% off.

Back in Florida, Jenny and Adley see a baby turtle just chilling on the side of the dock. She loves all baby animals so she was super into it. Jenny and Adley go and get their wands while Niko and Baby Navey play with some friends at a playground with slides, a bounce house, and tons of fun. While Jenny and Adley are practicing magic, the dragon in the middle of Harry Potter World starts shooting fire. It was super cool!! Adley and Niko decide that very last thing they want to do before coming home was to get their faces painted. Adley gets a spaceship while niko bear is a little pirate and gets a shark!

The vlog doesn't have much of an ending, so Brandon and I came up with a plan to show some short little videos we made for the crew of the Spacestation. Since you are a member of the crew, we wanted to share it with you. Enjoy a unique cereal prize and updates from the Spacestation!!

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