MOM turns into A BABY!! Adley is the Boss! Magic Puffs mix up at Adley's new Day Care for babies!


LET'S BE FRIENDS -- https://goo.gl/a7ctjJ

HEY EVERYBODY!! Welcome to Adley's Day Care!! Things have been kind of crazy here with all the babies.. good thing I have a new assistant coming to help out today! Her name is Jenny and she showed up just in time! I asked her to hold a baby while I check her in at the front desk but she didn't even know how to hold a baby... this is going to take a lot of training! After some practice I finally taught jenny how to hold a baby to help it go to sleep! After we put princess to sleep, another customer showed up! She had a baby named Niko that she needed us to take care of! He was so cute, and he loved to play with toys! But right now it was nap time so we put him in his bed and Jenny sang the babies lullabies and nursery rhymes! After nap time it was play time which is all of the babies favorite time of the day! Slotha learned her ABC's during playtime, and Niko played with toys, Princess Lilly went down the slide! Then it was time for lunch so I got out the baby puffs for all the kids! While they were eating another customer showed up! So, I told jenny to watch the babies while I went and checked in our new customer! The new baby was named Navey and she was the most adorable thing ever! When I finished filling out all of her paper work I went back to check on the rest of the babies. But when I got back I noticed JENNY was a baby too! She must have eaten a puff! I tried EVERYTHING to turn her back.. more puffs, milk, even big kid food! Then I remembered the time that I turned into a baby! I just have to give her a big kiss on the cheek!! After I changed her back into a grown up we decided to watch the storyboards for our new cartoon coming out tomorrow "Adley turns into a Baby"

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