Morphle is Alone and Cries - @Morphle TV | Kids Cartoons & Nursery Rhymes | Moonbug Kids

Mila needs to go somewhere without Morphle, but he misses her and starts to cry. Morphle travels around the city trying to find Mila. Eventually Police Officer Freeze takes him home, where he discovers that Mila and his friends have a big surprise waiting for him!

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00:00 Morphle is Alone and Cries
03:14 The Orphle Bandits
06:28 Mila The Robot
09:37 Magic Letters
12:45 Morphle is Mila
15:47 Hypno Bandits
18:58 Frozen Morphle
22:07 Morphle Gets Slimed
25:11 Teddy Bears Everywhere
28:14 Ice cream Race
31:19 Robot Orphle And Morphle Cake Chase
34:22 Superhero Mila Chase RoboFreeze
37:35 Super Suits
40:41 Giant Baby Sitting
43:47 Morphle the Paintbrush
46:49 Bubble Adventure
49:44 Magic Mirror
52:45 Morphing Family
55:58 Mila The Baby
59:00 Magic House

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