Most emotional and inspiring Quotes and scenes of animationfilms and cartoons part 3

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0:12 Lego Movie: " You dont have to be the bad guy"
1:18 Turbo: "It is in You"
1:37 Madagascar 3: "It was always impossible. That's why the people loved it"
2:33 The dragon prince: "Breathe"
3:36 Lego movie 2: "We are not alone in this world"
5:04 Megamind: "It has taken me a long time to find my calling. Now it´s about time you find yours"
5:30 The Iron Giant: "Superman"
7:24 Big Hero 6: "I will always be with you"
8:55 The Iron Giant: "Souls don't die"
9:54 Bolt: "You can Bolt, because all over this planet there are animals that feel like they can't"
11:11 How to train your dragon 3: "Our world doens't deserve you"
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