Most Epic Kid Bed Ever Made

Ready for the greatest kids bed ever made. We move into an epic Castle Grayskull and play with the biggest and best toy playset ever! In this Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull playset review we share a look into what its like to live in a medieval castle. We're still setting up the MOTU bedroom but we've been testing out the new giant He-Man castle bed. This rare he-man and the masters of the universe toy was inspired by the Mattel vintage Castle Grayskull playset toy. We made this epic sized custom MOTU Castle Grayskull playset for our one of a kind little Master of the Universe action figure. We don't have the vintage He-Man Castle Grayskull fortress of mystery and power in our collection so we figured it would be a fun family project. An we might still even purchase one or get the newer version like the MOTU Origins Castle Grayskull playset. We even thought of turning it into a Castle Loft Bed/Playhouse perfect for a little Lord of Power. In this video of the MOTU castle series we focus on setting up the Castle Grayskull with all its accessories inside the house. We decided to make the interior of this castle bed look like a few of the vintage Grayskull accessories were incorporated into a loft bed. We based the design off the look of original Castle Grayskull in the early Alfredo Alcala Masters of the Universe mini comics and the original sculpt for the prototype by Mark Taylor. We started by framing the wood structure then attached white bead foam Styrofoam with Great Stuff expanding foam and have started carving the shape. We will incorporate a few things he can do to interact his action figures with the castle. The paint scheme will try to stay close to the original toy line from the 80s. We may even take a few inspirations from the He-Man animation and he-man and the masters of the universe tv program cartoon full episodes. Join us as we try to capture the true Spirit of Grayskull and solve all the many mysteries behind the making of this epic build.

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