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➤ Theme: Most Saddest and Emotional Anime Music and Tracks | No words
➤ Description: Welcome to the Anime Note channel. In this video, I present to your attention the TOP The Most Saddest Tracks from the Anime. Consider the best emotional, unhappy, infelicitous, miserable, deplorable, pitiable, unfortunate, rueful, sorrowful, mournful, melancholy and wistful songs. The criteria for selecting of TOP List there are Opening, Ending, Music, Track, Song, Remix and Cover. All information for the video clip is taken from open sources on the NET, discussions, etc. Enjoy for your watching.

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27) Berserk - Guts
26) Spirited away - The Sixth Station
25) Neon Henesis evangelion - Hedgehog's Dilemma
24) Berserk Golden Age III: Guitares 1135
23) Cowboy Bebop Space Lion
22) Cowboy Bebop Road to the West
21) My hero akademia - From me to you
20) Stein gates - Believe Me
19) One Piece - Mother Sea
18) Attack on Titan OST - T-KT | Hiroyuki Sawano
17) Dragon Ball Super: Broly - Bardock Falls
16) Neon Genesis Evangelion I. Shinji
15) One punch man - Saitama’s theme
14) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - The Fullmetal Alchemist
13) Naruto- Sadness and Sorrow
12) Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Stardust Requiem
11) Evangelion Rei II
10) Pokémon - Tears After The Cloudy Weather
9) The End of Evangelion - Shiro Sagisu Those women longed forl
8) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OST - Trisha's Lullaby
7) Neon Genesis Evangelion Shiro Sagisu-Substitute Invasion
6) Hunter x Hunter Kingdom of Predators
5) Hunter x Hunter - Elegy Of The Dynast
4) Naruto - Loneliness
3) Neon Genesis Evangelion - Thanatos
2) Bleach Never meant to belong:
1) Naruto Dispair
0) Neon Genesis Evangelion - Rei 1

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Music Name: Aion 4.8 OST - Temple of antiquity
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