Movie "Pilgrim's Progress" - Experience the True Meaning of “I Need Do Nothing” with David Hoffmeist


Movie "Pilgrim's Progress" - Experience the True Meaning of "I Need Do Nothing" with David Hoffmeister - A Weekly Movie Workshop

Experience the true meaning of "I need do nothing" is the most profound teaching in the universe's history. You are perfect as you are right now and you need do nothing in this very instant, at this moment.

When you hear those words, I need do nothing. There may be another voice in your mind: What about my children? What about my job? What about my cleaning task, or what about the many things I have on my to-do list today? And Jesus is calling you saying, no, actually the truth is, I need do nothing. The keyword is need. With God, there are no needs. In Heaven, there are no wants. In Heaven, nothing is lacking, and if you believe you have needs, then this is where the forgiveness work comes in, the clearing and emptying of consciousness.

What if you weren't a body at all? What if you were just pure light and the body was just a figment of imagination like a little twig, and instead of focusing on the twig, you threw it into the river and watched it bobbing and weaving as the river's current took it? Imagine that you were aware that your body was floating in a giant river and wasn't doing anything. It just floats. You have convinced yourself that you are doing something when the twig is floating down the river, but you don't have to be concerned about that twig. The current will take the twig to the ocean without you doing anything. Hence, "I Need Do Nothing" that's the joy of this present moment.

Enjoy the profound A Course in Miracles content and commentary on the movie The Pilgrim's Progress by David Hoffmeister and discover the true meaning of "I Need Do Nothing."

You can watch the introduction to the movie on YouTube: https://youtu.be/C8H54uWnm-E.

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The movie workshop was recorded Saturday, July 30, 2022, in Chapala, Mexico.
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