My 5 Year Old Criminal Brother, gets me anything

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My five year old brother is the world’s best criminal – he gets me anything I want

“Mom, Dad, what do you do?”

“What do you mean honey?”

“Like... everyone in my class? The other kids? Their parents have jobs. What are your jobs?”


“And next week is career day. All the parents have to com e in to talk. Mommy can you come?”

“Yes, sure!”

I was in the second grade and I had absolutely no clue what my parents did for a living because they were home most of the time. We were rich though. We lived in a high rise luxury apartment building in New York. Our building had a spa, gym, housekeeping staff and a fancy restaurant where we ate every single day because my parents hated cooking. The view was fantastic! I could see Central Park from my room and I loved to stay up at nights just looking at the night lights in the distance.

I’m sure you’re wondering where all this money came from. Make sure you keep watching to find out!

Anyway, my mom and dad did not come to career day. They told me I could stay home from school that day and they took me to the movies. Then we had ice cream after – I had so much fun I totally forgot all about school!

Although we were pretty well off, my parents didn’t spoil me. They wouldn’t get me everything I asked for and I still had chores to do in the house. I had to fold my own clothes, make my bed and sweep the floor sometimes.

What they DID spend a lot of money on was my education. I went to a great school and my dad would always say

“Elvira darling, you must study hard so you can earn an honest living. You’ll be a doctor, lawyer or engineer! Study hard so you can achieve your dreams.”

I was always confused when he said that though. Was it possible to earn a ‘dishonest’ living? And how did becoming a doctor, lawyer or engineer become MY dream? I wanted to be an astronaut. Or a zoo keeper.
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