My BEST Friend Reacts To EVERY Honkai Impact Animation

WE GOT ANOTHER CAPTAIN BABY! That's right a new captain is joining us and today its Jacob my best friend. :3 If you want to watch him play Honkai Impact 3rd be sure to check out his chapter playthroughs here on my channel! Thanks so much for watching and I hope you slam that like and subscribe button. What's your favourite quote or animation?

SIDE NOTE: I simplified what the honkai are in this video cause its super lame and confusing to explain how the honkai are the balance of human ingenuity and blah blah. So I just made it super simple cause he is actually gonna play the game, haha.

0:00 - Reburn
6:09 - Will of the Herrscher
13:14 - Final Lesson
22:02 - Bronya CG
26:53 - Cyber Angel
35:25 - Seele CG
42:29 - Amazing Grace CG
44:07 - Meteoric Salvation
51:26 - Durandal CG (Chapter 15)
53:22 - Lament of the Fallen
1:01:31 - Reawakening
1:04:24 - Shattered Samsara
1:12:38 - Jacob breaking down
1:15:06 - Everlasting Flames
1:24:01 - Pre-Revelation
1:28:44 - Thus Spoke Apocalypse
1:38:50 - Winter Memories

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