My Parents Forced Me To Become An Angel Child

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"Ewww, Frank, why are you wearing that hideous outfit?" I looked at Frank in disbelief.

"That hideous thing is the school uniform. You should be wearing yours, Principal Hudson has already written me three warning letters," Mom passed behind us with a basket of laundry.

"Well, he's going to have to write a fourth because I wouldn't be caught dead in that."

I went to grab an apple from the fruit basket on the kitchen counter then I noticed a tray with cupcakes.

"Whose cupcakes are these?" My eyes sparkled.

"Oh, Nikita dropped that off while you were in the shower for your birthday."

"But my birthday isn't until next week."

"Well, think of it as an early birthday present."

"Sweet!" I scooped up one of the cupcakes, bit into it and told Mom that I was leaving for school.

I strolled out the house and met Nikita, my best friend by the mailbox.

"Hey, Nikita, thanks for the cupcakes."

"What cupcakes? I didn't send any cupcakes?"

"Nikita, are you playing with me?"

"No, I'm not. I didn't send you anything."

The cupcake fell from my hand as I doubled over from a wave of nausea.

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"Mom it wasn't my fault that he ran into my fists, maybe his parents should get his eyes tested," I folded my arms and smirked.

"Felicity! You have to stop this! I can't keep taking time off from work to pick you up at school."

"Then don't! I never asked you to!"

I watched as the large vein at the side of Mom's head thronged.

Through gritted teeth she warned, "The next time I hear anything negative about your behaviour we are moving you to another school with stricter protocol."
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