Navey visits Adley's HAiR SALON

another fun A for Adley video re-imagined by Spacestation Animation!!

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It's another day at Adley's Hair and Makeup Salon!! Boss Adley and her assistant Jenny got everything set up and ready for a busy day.. but nobody was showing up. They waited some more but still no customers! Then they had a great idea. They would just give each other makeovers while they waited! First, Adley gave Jenny a makeover because Jenny had date with a surfer boy later that night! Adley started to do her hair, but then Jenny noticed something.. Their "open" sign had been set to "closed" all day! THATS why they didn't have customers, Adley flipped the sign over and they started getting customers right away! Their very first customer was a... baby?? Her name was Navey and she kind of tried to steal from the cash register.. but thats okay! She wanted to get a new hairstyle with some make up so Adley and Jenny got right to work! After her makeover was finished it was time for the next customer.. but the other customers were asleep in the waiting room so Adley sneaked out with the spray bottle to wake them up! Next up was Niko, he was going to a video game party later, so he wanted to get cool face painting like a chameleon. He looked REALLY cool, but after his makeover he started to eat flies and climb on the walls like a real lizard! The last customer was Shaun, he wanted some cool black and gold face painting like Spacestation Gaming.. but Adley had other plans! She painted his face to look like a cheetah instead, but that gave him super speed! He grabbed Niko and ran out the door without even PAYING!

Made with:
Adobe Creative Cloud
and LOTS of love ❤️

The A for Adley video used to make this animation -Adley’s HAiR SALON and SPA ✂️ Dad gets a Makeover!! first haircut, shaving cream, and luxury wash!
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