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Is so exciting to have a new baby sister and a new baby brother! Our family keeps growing!!

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0:00 New Baby Brother And Sister (Family)
1:59 Sharing Is Caring Song
3:37 I Love My Baby Song
5:30 Johny Johny Yes Papa (Grandparents Version) V4
7:05 Friends - Play Together!
8:38 John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
10:55 Playing In The Forest Song
12:34 Mary Had A Little Lamb
14:13 Let's Play!
15:33 Playground Sharing Song (Sharing Song)
17:19 My Baby Sibling
18:48 Mummy Mummy
20:43 Sharing Song
22:27 Fairy Lullaby
24:05 Babies Are So Cute
25:32 I Love My Mummy
27:35 Teddy Bear Song V2
29:19 I Love My Family
30:48 Johny Johny Yes Papa V2
31:56 Nursery Rhyme Friends (Show Us!) / Share Your Toys
33:32 Johny Johny Yes Papa
34:37 Teddy Bear Teddy Bear
36:22 Mary Had A Little Lamb V2
37:53 Johny Johny Yes Papa (Parents Version) V3
39:21 Yum Yum Chocolate Song
41:06 Mary Had A Little Lamb V3
42:36 10 Little Baby Bum Friends
44:10 Color Balloons
45:50 You Can't See Me!
47:31 Peekaboo Song V3
49:09 5 Little Speckled Frogs V2
51:34 Dot To Dot
53:12 Recycling Song
55:03 10 Little Ducks
57:04 Going To The Desert
58:43 Cute Animals Song

⭐ Lyrics ⭐

I heard my mom mentioning about a new baby
Did I hear that correct? Yes. No. Or maybe?!
I hope it's true! A brother or sister would be cool!
I'd play with them every single day after school

A new baby! I wonder if it's a boy or girl?!
A new baby (mmm) would really change my world!

I'd probably have to share some of my toys
Put up with the crying and lots of noise!
I'd help to bath the baby with mom
Having a new baby will be so much fun!

A new baby! I wonder if it's a boy or girl?!
A new baby (mmm) would really change my world!

So the day has arrived and mom went to hospital
My little brother was born and then wrapped in a shawl
He looks a lot like me! And has 10 fingers and toes
I'm so happy! So excited to welcome him home!

A new baby! I now know it's a little boy!
A new baby (mmm) is better than my favorite toy!


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