New Full Episodes Rat A Tat Season 12 | Messy Food Crazy Fight 1 Hour | Funny Cartoons | Chotoonz TV

New Full Episodes Rat A Tat Season 12 | Messy Food Crazy Fight 1 Hour |Funny Cartoons | Chotoonz TV

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Don and Colonel have a food truck and the mice try to eat their food. Don and Colonel trash the Tom & Jerry fans, Charly, Marly, and Larry and Charly falls into food machines and he gets a superpower wherein whatever he eats shoots out of his huge ears. The mice use this to their advantage to trouble Don and Colonel and it is again the same odd bod chaos! ... The chase and laugh continue!!!

Welcome to the funny, crazy, chase world of Rat A Tat! Meet our Adventure team: Don, Colonel, Charly, Marly, and Larry as they laugh, trick, and trap each other in a mischievous way. Join in the funny cartoons for kids' adventures with brand new Rat A Tat full episodes of Season 12 every week,
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