New Kathu 3 Tamil cartoon movie full video for kids ★ Moral values and bedtime stories Baby songs

New Kathu ( காத்து 3) Tamil animation full movie for children ★ Latest from the superhit Tamil cartoon series Kathu ★ From the creators of Pattampoochi Pupi and Bablu ♥ Please don't forget to subscribe us:

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1) Fear kids story ( பயம் ) | 00:35
2) Creativity for kids ( படைப்பாற்றல் ) | 07:06
3) Ants nursery song ( எறும்புகள் ) | 12:03
4) Anger story ( கோபம் ) | 15:51
5) Unity ( ஒற்றுமை ) | 21:27
6) Adaptability ( தழுவல் இயல்பு ) | 26:33
7) Kathu 3 Title song | 33:04

Kathu 3 is the newest in the superhit Tamil children's cartoon series Kathu. The title songs of the cartoon series are the superhits among kids' songs. The two Ladan characters Keeri Selvam and Mullupandi appear for the first time in Kathu3.

Kathu is the superhit Malayalam cartoon series for kids from Hibiscus. The 3d animated program is an entertaining compilation of children's songs and stories. Kathu is a family story. Kathu the cute kitten is the central character of the film. Kathu lives with her Dad,' Mom, and younger brother Kittu. Appu the squirrel and three grasshoppers are her best friends. The neighborhood comprises of uncle crane, the yellow oriole, the Kingfisher family, the Indian robin, and rat thieves Chindan and Chundan. Kandan the haughty cat is the villain. Their plays and pranks make the stories and songs of this animation film. The stories and songs of Kathu deal with essential life values like honesty, courage, empathy, and a lot more.

Kathu 1 was first released in 2011. And she got the best children's program award of the state government that year. Two more volumes of Kath has been released so far. Each one is unanimously accepted by critics and families. Nowadays Kathu is an integral part of every kindergarten.

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