New Movie 'Chhota Bheem and the Legend of El Magnifico' on POGO | Sunday, 1st May at 2 PM

Published This weekend let's Celebrate Bheem’s Birthday and Watch Brand New Movie, “Chhota Bheem & The Legend of El Magnifico,” Premieres on Sunday 1 May, 2 pm only on POGO! Don’t miss it.

Here comes the New Movie Trailer from "Chhota Bheem and the Legend of El Magnifico" Movie. Bheem and the kids are staying in Mexico, as exchange students with a Mexican family. The family members are Rosa , Mama Juana , Grandpa Toro . One night Rosa reveals as secret to Bheem.. She reveals that her ghost friend Salsa brings her food.

This frightens Bheem and the kids, but later they learn that Salsa is a weak ghost who has lost all his powers . On the other hand, Mama Juana and Grandpa Torro are scared for the arrival of Don Sombrio.

Bheem and his friends see Grandpa Victor getting defeated by Don Sombrio, henchman of El Demonio. Every year on a full moon day, Don Sombrio tries to get the key to release his master, El Demonio. Finally, it’s a fight in magic land to get the key.

It’s a place with a lot of distractions and temptations, and kids fall prey to it one by one. Bheem fights with Ruco with the help of Salsa, who surprises everyone with his courage and wins the fight. Wizardo grants a wish to Bheem, and Bheem finally ask to bring back all his friends to normal.

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