NEW! SMASHERS! Skull Mountain | Season 5 Episode 10 | Kids Cartoons | Zuru | Smashers World

Unfortunately for the dinos, the pirates won the glowing eyeball and now place it into a the giant skull of Skull Mountain. The mountain rumbles and opens its mouth, but what lies inside the belly of the beast?

Welcome to an epic prehistoric adventure with Smashers Dino Island. SMASH your egg to smithereens to uncover the 10 hidden surprises inside. Search through squishy sand and stretchy slime for your Dino pieces! But watch out that the pesky pirate figurine doesn’t make you walk the plank! Construct your Dino parts to discover which Smash-o-saur you’ve collected and then pull the tail to see the light up scales! What arrrgh ye waiting for! Get smashing to discover your new dangerously epic Smashers Dino!

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