Ninjala Anime -Episode 20-【Leonard the Runaway】[Available Until 6/2 7:59PM PT]

Ninjala anime -Episode 20-
【Leonard the Runaway】

When Berecca was still young, her father, a scientist, lost his life in an unfortunate accident during a research expedition. Berecca encounters Leonard, a friend and colleague of her late father. Leonard, currently running for his life from a mysterious pursuer, hands Berecca a memo with a location written on it and quickly escapes the area.

Berecca goes to Genryusai for advice. The master ninja asks Berecca and friends to find and protect Leonard, and to afterwards bring him to the Base.

Burton Takahiro Sakurai
Berecca Akari Kito
Ron Hiroki Yasumoto
Jane Junko Minagawa
Van Yumiko Kobayashi
Lucy Aoi Yuki
Kappei Ayumu Murase
Emma Megumi Han
Gumchi Honoka Inoue

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