*NON HONKAI PLAYER* React to ALL Honkai Impact 3rd Short Animation Trailers | BEST GAME TRAILER EVER

Honkai Impact 3rd All Trailers Reaction
崩壊3rd すべてのアニメーションの予告編 リアクション
崩坏3 所有動畫短片
Trailer Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjLCyyQJm4npbS_oDge1cdgRxXRMRz6qE


Honkai Impact 3rd Animation - Reburn Reaction
Will of the Herrscher - Honkai Impact 3rd Animations Reaction
Honkai Impact 3rd Animation - Final Lesson Reaction
Cyberangel: ZERO Exception - Honkai Impact 3rd Reaction
Seele - Japanese dub Version - Honkai Impact 3rd Reaction
Bronya - Honkai Impact 3rd Animation Reaction
Animated Short [Meteoric Salvation] - Honkai Impact 3rd Reaction
Honkai Impact 3rd Chapter XV CG Reaction
Animated Short [Lament of the Fallen] - Honkai Impact 3rd Reaction
New Chapter Trailer [Reawakening] - Honkai Impact 3rd Reaction
Honkai Impact 3rd Animated Short [Shattered Samsara] Reaction
Animated Short [Everlasting Flames] - Honkai Impact 3rd Reaction
New Arc Trailer [Pre-Revelation] - Honkai Impact 3rd Reaction


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