no!no! Micro Hair Removal Device Set

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no!no! Micro Hair Removal Device Set
Micro by no!no! has a heatbased technology that temporarily removes hair if used as directed. This athome beauty treatment hair removal device is portable and can easily be used on the go.

What You Get

Micro by no!no! Hair Remover Device
(2) Wide Tip
(2) Narrow Tip
Small Buffer
Power Supply Cord
Cleaning Brush
User Manual

What It Does

Micro by no!no is based on technology that crystalizes and temporarily removes hair when used as directed
Made with the face in mind, but can be used on the bikini line and body (except breasts and genitals)
Effective on all hair types and skin colors when used as directed
The compact design makes it easy to perform hair removal touchups anywhere, anytime (especially on the face)
Cordless (charges like a cell phone), travelfriendly, about the size of a credit card and easy to use (as directed)
The no!no! Small Buffer is designed to be used after every treatment
The no!no! Narrow Tip is designed to treat and remove hair on smaller, more delicate areas like the face, upper lip and bikini area
The no!no! Wide Tip is designed to treat and remove hair on larger areas of the body like legs, back, arms and chest.
The no!no! Cleaning Brush is used to dust debris and crystalized hair off the tips after a no!no! hair removal treatment and assists in prolonging the tip life

How to Use

Before first use, fully charge the Micro by no!no! device for at least 5 hours. Remove the cap, insert the selected tip for the treatment area. Turn on the device by pressing the button on the top. Go against the grain of hair growth, gently glide the Micro by no!no! device (do not press down) over the skin at a 90 degree angle making sure it comes in contact with the hair stubble. Make sure the area is flat and the skin is tight, and the blue light is steady, and the device is not hopping. Buff the crystallized hair. Repeat if any hair remains. Use as often as you would a razor (23 times a week) for 46 weeks to begin. Then use as needed.
Inserting the Tip Make sure the device is turned off. Hold no!no! in one hand and the Tip in the other. Make sure both logos are facing the same direction and line up the posts in the socket with the holes in the Tip. Gently push into place.
Removing the Tip Grasp the Tip by both sides. Gently pull the Tip out of the socket.
When to replace the Tip If the light turns red. If it is no longer working efficiently. If the wire is damaged in any way. If the Tip Icon is blinking and no more bars appear on the Status Screen. Make sure the Tip is placed properly into the socket before treatment. Never use a Tip if the wire is bent or torn.

Good to Know

Do not use any liquid to clean the device, tips or rollers. Keep the tips and rollers clean to lower the risk of malfunction and prolong the life of the tips.
All customers should read the instructions thoroughly prior to using the no!no! device for detailed instructions on using your no!no! Micro and important information on the safe use and care of the device.
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