NoSensorship #34 - Dr Ori Nahum Weisberg - Ukraine and Russia, Writing about Israel

Ori Weisberg holds a PhD in English Renaissance Literature from The University of Michigan. He has taught Renaissance and Jewish literature, and writing and rhetoric at academic institutions in the US and Israel. He currently works as a freelance translator, editor, and content writer. He has published Op-Eds on Israeli politics and culture and related topics in The Forward, Haaretz, and The Times of Israel. He lives with his long-suffering spouse and three absurdly attractive children in Jerusalem.

00:00 Presentation - How do we know each other
03:56 Changing your profile picture to Ukraine flag, understanding that we are no experts, and asking the hard question: Where is the limit?
38:46 The process of writing is not getting about getting a good product. Writing is a process of thinking.
42:24 Writing every day is very good for your writing, or the value of regular practise in writing.
46:28 Writing always gets better, but we will be never as good as the best authors of all time. Be humble with your writing.
50:03 Writing is never finished, everything is written and rewritten.
52:22 Returning Captive and the theme of the haunted protagonist
56:00 Jerusalem is the most haunted city in the world.
58:10 Presenting a choice in the Returning Captive - living as a family or living in Jerusalem.
59:44 How does Ori see himself in the protagonist.
01:05:38 What happens when you lose a friend in the army?
01:08:45 The connection between Returning Captive and Miriam Preczyk, and presenting the Miriam Perzyk essay.
01:14:28 Miriam Preczyk expresses a reflection of a mental state of a 19-year-old IDF soldier.
01:17:45 Writing could be a form of therapy, but it is not always one.
01:18:20 Returning Captive and Miriam Preczyk designated audiences and pushed a conversation.
01:21:04 Why is it important to know where you live, and the truth about what has happened there in the past.
01:25:34 The book is no anti-zionist or pro-zionist - it is a reflection of a person's trauma and the implications.
01:28:20 There is no sin that does not have a bit of the golden calf.
01:30:05 Morally - a non colonized existence.
01:34:00 There is always something that is stolen - where do we put the spotlight?
01:35:40 Feeling bad about something is not enough to fix a problem.
01:37:25 Battle of colonialism - who is morality better? Is there such a thing? Also, a debate about safety in Israel for Jews is Arabs.


01:47:15 Finding time to write.
01:52:18 How to market my novels.
02:00:20 How to protect myself from plagiarism.

02:04:45 Jokes

Nonsense Questions
02:08:54 Blowing your nose into a handkerchief or toilet paper?
02:09:59 Dancing on a rooftop or a downtown basement?
02:11:26 Pressing toothpaste from the end of it?
02:12:26 Writing on a computer or a typewriter?

02:12:44 Sum up, and where can you see Ori's material

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