Not Another Anime Reference Solo Event, Free Units Arena & More Guide | Marvel Contest of Champions

In This Video: We take a look at all the events happening around The Platinumpool Free Units Events.

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‘Not Another Anime Reference’ Solo Event
Enter Battlegrounds to earn points in this special Solo Event. Earn Super Fabulous Crystals, 6-Star Platinumpool Pieces and more!

‘Platinum is Unbreakable’ Arena
Take your 4, 5 and 6-Star Champions into this special Arena. Earn Fabulous Crystals, 5-Star Platinumpool Pieces and more!
Platinumpool Piece Trade-In
Trade 1 Fabulous One and 1 Super Fabulous One piece for a piece Selector of matching rarity. The trade-in cost will update every hour so watch out for the piece you want to trade. Once a piece has been traded in, the bundle of the same rarity will disappear from the Store… choose wisely!
‘Platinum Poolooza’ Double Track Event

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