Nursery rhymes for babies & Street vehicles songs for kids - Car cartoons for kids.

Do you like to watch car cartoons for kids and listen to nursery rhymes for babies? Come and sing street vehicles songs for kids with Leo the Truck and his friends! Let's learn lyrics of all Leo the Truck's songs for babies in a new kids' cartoon -the Bus song for kids, the Cars song for kids, the Bingo Train song for kids, the Excavator song for kids, the Finger Family song for kids, the Animals Train song for kids, and the Old McDonald Had a Farm song for kids. Let's sing songs for kids and have fun together on our kids' learning channel! Play, learn and have fun with cartoon cars for kids and cartoon trucks for kids.

00:01 - The Bus song for kids
03:10 - The Cars song for kids
05:19 - The Bingo Train song for kids
07:59 - The Excavator song for kids
10:39 - The Finger Family song for kids
13:47 - The Animals Train song for kids
17:36 - The Old McDonald Had a Farm song for kids

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