Oddbods Brand New Halloween Special | Pumpkin Kings

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When Zee and Slick pass through a haunted forest on All Hallows’ Eve - they catch the eye of a mischievous Witch - who decides to do some ‘trick-or-treating’ of her own.It’s October 31st as a few Oddbods shop for supplies for their Halloween party. Meanwhile, back at the cul-de-sac, Bubbles and Fuse prepare carnival games whilst Jeff cultivates his giant pumpkin for the Jack o’lantern competition later that evening.

As Zee and Slick drive home from their shopping spree, they take an unexpected detour through a haunted forest, where they unwittingly damage a Witch’s plot of land, including her prize-winning garden gnomes!

Later that evening, with the party in full swing, the witch follows a trail of clues that lead her to those responsible for her newly knobbled gnomes - but when she tries to curse Zee - her spell misfires and hits Jeff’s giant pumpkin instead!

Magically brought to life, the cursed pumpkin rampages through Oddsville, scooping up the Oddbods one by one, leaving Zee alone to face the monster in a thrilling showdown!

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