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It’s wintertime in Beachtown and the pond has frozen! Our coupes are having fun ice skating, except for Wrecking Ball who’s having a hard time with his tracks and breaks the ice. He and Chief end up stranded on a e. It’s up to the team to figure out a way to bring them to safety!

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0:00 On Thin Ice
2:19 Lights, Camera, Action!
4:27 Buster & Cozy - Bandit Bus is Lonely - Stealing is Wrong
6:28 Go Buster & Cozy Coupe - Robot Buster is Being Mean! - Stand Up to Bullies
8:30 Cozy Coupe - Hide and Seek with Friends - Wobbly Paint Panic
10:35 Cozy Coupe - Cozy & Friends Play Soccer
12:40 We're Dancing and Grooving - 'Til The Music Stops
14:48 Yes Yes Vegetable Disaster
16:51 Cozy Trains For His Brave And Amazing Jump
18:55 Cozy’s Night at the Movies - Popcorn Panic!
20:56 CAR-nival
23:01 Cozy's Cooking
25:04 Cozy's Construction Day - Stuck In A Muddy Hole
27:06 Surfs Up on the Beach - Rescue Mission

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