One-eyed Moomoo. TOP 5 of ALL TIME # 10 /Short adult cartoons with dark humor/

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The only official creator of One-eyed Moomoo and others hilariously funny adult cartoons is Sky Cat.
Idea by Alex Ron.
Written and directed by Alex Ronkin.
Produced by Sky Cat Studios.
One-eyed Moomoo and others is a hilariously funny cartoon show for adults.
For lovers of dark humor and unexpected plots, funny twists, and dark jokes.
One-eyed Moomoo and others is the most incredible and unexpected stories. Short animated films that will make you laugh in half a minute.
One-eyed Moomoo and others is your weekly dose of dark humor in short adult cartoons.
One-eyed Moomoo and others show can have a wide variety of plots - from parodies of popular movies to old fairy tales, retold in a new way. From episodes about love and relationships to episodes about politics and elections.
All episodes of the Too Much cartoon show have dark humor, a funny plot, and an unexpected twist in the end.
End credits music by Serge Tetenko.
Copyright by Alex Ronkin and Sky Cat.
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Short adult cartoons with dark humor.
One-eyed Moomoo and others - every week we entertain you with new funny episodes. Unexpected plots and funny twists in our animated show.
One-eyed Moomoo and others - short adult cartoons with dark humor
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#adult_cartoons #dark_humor #funny_humor
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