Outfit Battle (Fake Collab with @Derpy_Axolotl (Read Desc for More Stuff!)

I may be a FNAF GachaTuber But I Can’t Always Make FNAF All The Time.
I’ll Get Bored Easily.

Sub To Derpy_Axolotl Here! She’s The Creator Of This Challenge!

Pls Sub To Me Too :3

Here’s Some Stuff I Wanna Put in the Video But I Couldn’t

1.Your OC
My OC Is Inspired By Shadow Foxy, Even Tho Shadow Foxy Doesn’t Exist, I Will Be That Shadow Foxy & Make Him Exist

2.Genderbend OC
Yes, I’m A Girl, So This Is Boy Me

3.First EVER OC
I was Going For Realistic OCs Back Then, Looking Back At It Now, Its So Cringe that I Did That

4.Fictional Crush (Female)
Sorry That I Couldn’t Answer This Question, I Don’t Really Have One Because I Don’t Have A Crush On Them

5.Fictional Crush (Male)
I Put Rengoku San Because He’s One Of My Favorite Hashiras In Demon Slayer And I Cried On The Inside When He Died In The Movie
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