Penguin Origins - Sadistic And Ruthless Crime Lord's Painful And Heart Breaking Backstory - Explored

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, popularly known as the Penguin, is one of Gotham City’s most notorious supervillains and as a result, an enemy of Batman. He is also exceedingly popular with the audience due to his intense backstory and exciting arcs.
This rich, sophisticated, and intelligent criminal mastermind was introduced by the artist Bob Kane with writer Bill Finger in Detective Comics #58, in December 1941. He puts up the front of Oswald Cobblepot, a gentleman. Underneath this facade, he is a vengeful and power-hungry criminal, driven by rage.
Initially, he was characterized by his love of ornithology and umbrellas fitted with the technology. Later, he went on to become the manager of a popular nightclub called Iceberg Lounge, where he started to hide his illegal money. Basically, he uses it as a front for money laundering. His crimes are slimy and he isn’t afraid of any deed, no matter how dirty. His power-hungry nature allows him to rise to the top as he becomes the criminal kingpin of Gotham City.

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0:00 Intro
2:44 Penguin’s Traumatizing Origin
6:38 Major Story Arcs
6:46 The Joker’s Asylum
7:14 War Games
7:44 Unresolved
8:20 Infinite Crisis
8:29 One Year Later
9:04 Gotham Underground
9:22 Where is Batman/Brightest Day
10:20 Batman: Dark Knight
11:31 Batman: Gates of Gotham
12:36 Penguin: Pain and Prejudice
13:25 New 52 Detective Comics: Faces of Death
13:43 Dark Knight: Cycle of Violence
13:59 Death of the Family
14:42 How Dangerous Is The Penguin?
15:11 Powers and Abilities
15:26 Genius Level Intellect
15:52 Business Management
16:23 Leadership
16:49 Avian Trainer
17:11 Hand to Hand Combat (Advanced)
17:28 Cold Tolerance
17:53 Tactical Analysis
18:06 Weaknesses Obsession
18:43 Paraphernalia Weapons - Trick Umbrellas
19:16 Murdered the Waynes
19:52 Manipulated Someone To The Point Of Suicide
20:29 Got Romantically Involved With A Real Penguin
21:16 Tried To Kill Jim Gordon’s Wife
21:51 Abandoned His Son Ethan
22:37 Colin Farrell’s Casting As The Penguin In Matt Reeves’ The Batman (2022)
24:39 Creative And Terrifying Versions Of Penguin In Various Forms Of Media: Explored
25:00 Films
25:57 Television
26:41 Animation
27:09 Video Games

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