Phonic Song | A For Apple | Yummy FruitsApple and Bananas | KIDS SONGS andNursery Rhymes | class4fun

Phonic Song | A For Apple | Yummy Fruits
Apple and Bananas | KIDS SONGS and
Nursery Rhymes | class4fun

Hello naughty ones welcome to ouf channel CLASS4FUN. Aaj apko ABC to Z tak alphabets bataye jayenge agar video acchi lage to
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A is for apple, A-A-APPLE
B is for ball, B-B-BALL
C is for cat, C-C-CAT
D is for dog, D-D-DOG

E is for elephant, E-E-ELEPHANT
F is for frog, F-F-FROG
G is for grass, G-G-Grass
H is for hand, H-H-Hand
I is for insect, I-I-Insect
J is for juice, J-J-Juice
K is for key, K-K-Key
L is for lion, L-L-Lion

M is for monkey, M-M-Monkey
N is for nose, N-N-Nose
O is for octopus, O-O-Octopus
P is for pig, P-P-Pig
Q is for queen, Q-Q-Queen
R is for ring, R-R-Ring
S is for sun, S-S-Sun
T is for train, T-T-Train
U is for umbrella, U-U-Umbrella
V is for vase, V-V-Vase
W is for wheel, W-W-Wheel
X is for box, B-B-Box
Y is for yellow, Y-Y-Yellow
Z is for zebra, Z-Z-Zebra
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Fruits Apple and Bananas
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