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Welcome to JJ's Animal Adventure, a Moonbug Entertainment original channel for kids, where we bring you hours of Cocomelon content. Join JJ and friends on Cocomelon lane as they get a visit from some awesome animal friends. You’ll join the gang as they go on fun adventures, play sports like basketball and soccer (football/futbol), as well as learn educational lessons on sharing, caring and compassion. Enjoy this cool 3 hour compilation of Cocomelon (Animal Time) - JJ's Animal Adventure!
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00:00 Lunch Song
03:01 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Animal Time)
05:43 Animal Time Teddy Bear Song
08:15 Grow Grow Grow Your Fruit
10:57 Old MacDonald - Fantasy Animals
13:34 This is the Way - Pirate
16:09 Hickory Dickory Dock (Animal Time)
18:53 Opposites Friend Song
21:34 Emmy's Sick Song
24:01 Balloon Beach song
26:41 Peekaboo
29:22 Emmy's Birthday
31:55 The 3 Little Friends
34:37 Wheels on the Bus - Fantasy Animals
37:16 Sharing song
40:08 Little Red Riding JJ
42:50 Treasure Hunt Song
45:37 Emmy's Haunted House
48:14 Down by the Bay (Submarine)
50:55 Baa Baa Black Sheep - Fantasy Animals
53:34 Hey Diddle Diddle
56:20 Swimming Song
59:00 Mimi's Rocket to the Moon
1:01:40 Balloon Boat Race
1:04:22 Apples and Bananas
1:07:03 Looby Loo
1:09:34 Five Little Speckled Frogs
1:12:25 The Ant and the Grasshopper
1:15:02 Three Little Pigs (Pirate Version)
1:18:35 Ten Little Dinos
1:22:23 Bingo (Farm Version)
1:24:45 Happy Birthday Song
1:26:56 Ten in the Bed
1:30:46 Take Me Out to the Ball Game
1:33:38 The Country Mouse and the City Mouse
1:37:20 Ten Little Duckies
1:40:00 Breakfast Song
1:42:23 Wheels on the Bus
1:45:55 One Potato, Two Potatoes
1:48:56 Five Little Birds 3
1:52:00 Three Little Pigs
1:55:11 Opposites Song
1:58:18 Wash Your Hands Song
2:01:30 Freeze Dance
2:04:23 Freeze Dance
2:06:54 Are You Sleeping (Brother John)?
2:09:06 Hickory Dickory Dock
2:12:12 Wait Your Turn
2:15:18 Ol' MacDonald (Baby Animal Version)
2:18:04 My Dog Song (Bingo)
2:20:43 Basketball Song
2:23:35 Mister Dinosaur
2:26:09 Bingo
2:28:53 Apples and Bananas 2
2:32:26 Itsy Bitsy Spider
2:34:37 My Name Song
2:38:24 The Bear Went Over the Mountain
2:42:42 The Tortoise and the Hare
2:46:23 Pet Care
2:49:23 Musical Instruments Song
2:52:41 Itsy Bitsy Spider (Birdie Edition)
2:55:29 Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Ant Version)
2:58:08 The Soccer (Football) Song
3:01:00 Three Little Kittens
3:03:35 Five Little Ducks 2
3:06:20 Old MacDonald
3:08:45 Humpty Dumpty
3:11:10 Animal Dance
3:14:05 Numbers Song with Little Chicks
3:16:56 Baa Baa Black Sheep (Dance Party)
3:19:19 The Duck Hide and Seek Song
3:22:06 Happy Place Dance

JJ’s best animal pals are back and sillier than ever! Sing along with JJ and his friends on their wild and hilarious adventures featuring fairy tales, fables, nursery rhymes, and so much more.

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At CoComelon, our primary goal has always been to engage families with entertaining and educational content that makes universally-relatable preschool moments fun. Our beautiful 3D animation and toe-tapping songs create a world that centers on the everyday experiences of young children. In addition to helping preschoolers learn letters, numbers, animal sounds, colors, and more, the videos impart prosocial life lessons, providing parents with an opportunity to teach and play with their children as they watch together.

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