PIGGY Book 2 CHAPTER 12 "Hero Ending" vs Sonic & Baldi Roblox Minecraft Animation Speed Challenge

Piggy Book HERO ENDING Ft. Sonic and Baldi. Distorted Tio, Mr. Stitchy, Willow Minecraft Roblox Animation in Minecraft Baldi. Willow Vs. Tigry. There are 12 chapters. This is Chapter 12. The final ending Chapter The Lab! The game is in Roblox and now, we're taking it into the Minecraft world. Join Baldi and other friends like Sonic, Mario, Steve, and more as they take on a crazy looking Peppa Pig. THIS IS CHAPTER 12

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Voices by Team WildCraft & Team Futuristichub!

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Ending Music By BSlick, used with permission

Official Piggy: Book 2 Soundtrack | Chapter 12 "Let Go (Instrumental)"

"Traveling Time (feat. Lili)" | Official Piggy: Book 2 Soundtrack | Chapter 12
"Traveling Time" on Streaming Stores: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/bslick/traveling-time-feat-lili
Featuring vocalist, Lili | https://twitter.com/mirreiyy

Other endings:
Tigry - Savior Ending
Tigry - Survivor Ending
Willow - Survivor Ending
Willow - Savior Ending
Hidden Ending
Secret Ending
True Ending

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This is PIGGY BOOK 2 HERO ENDING VS SONIC MARIO BALDI CHAPTER 12 GAME official Minecraft Animation Game Horror and Fun! Want more Baldi? SONIC THE HEDGEHOG? Don't go away, more AMONG US, POPPY PLAYTIME, and a Secret Project Animation Series is coming up!
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