Police Car Cartoons for children. Police for kids. Trucks Cartoons for children [LIVE

A new cartoon about cars for the youngest children about police cars and two not very good uncles who liked to break all the rules and thought that they would get nothing for it. When the police detained one of the criminals, the other came up with a very cunning plan and took his friend from the police station. But the police did not lose their heads and very quickly began to catch up with the criminals. And those, in turn, decided to hide in the house of one person. To do this, they broke down the door and entered the house.
The police continued to search in their police cars, but for a very long time they could not find these evil boys. But suddenly the unexpected happened - the owner returned from the mountains, and saw that the door was open .... He thought that thieves got into his house .... and called the police on police cars ...... What to do? The criminals realized that they were spotted and began to run away. But in this case, they did not succeed! A rescue dog came to the rescue, which began to detain the criminals .....
But they still managed to escape now ... but the police have already taken the trail, and now even the dynamite that they so cleverly used in their previous plans will not help these two. So... one smart and dexterous dog helped in this difficult police case! Ready to watch a cartoon about cars? Then go ahead - we are waiting for the adventure of toys !!!!

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