Princess Anne's Most Inappropriate Outfits Ever

The only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise, best known as just "Princess Anne," has always marched to the beat of her own drummer. She was the first royal family member to compete in the Olympic Games (as an equestrian), and is known for her quick wit and sharp tongue. Anne is 17th in line for the throne, but has always outdone herself in terms of royal service, with more than 20,000 royal-related engagements since she turned 18. Anne is also known for her unusual fashion sense; she was even called a "style icon" by British Vogue editor Edward Enninful. But she doesn't always hit the mark. These are Princess Anne's most inappropriate outfits ever.

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Military uniform | 0:00
Recycled royal faux pas | 1:20
Mismatched face mask | 2:16
Sporty shades with formal outfit | 3:09
Hugh Hefner-inspired dressing gown | 4:04
Short skirts | 4:47

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