"Pumpkin Monsters in the tank world" Cartoons about tanks

In this video: A squad of Halloween tanks arrives on Earth. They will have to carry out several tank battles to conquer the world they came to. Steel monsters will fight against pumpkin tanks to defend their land, but it is not yet known whether the tanks will be able to withstand such serious opponents. After all, they will have to fight with such powerful opponents as Halloween Morty and Ratte, as well as against a super powerful tank based on the KV44 model. In general, if you like animation and the game World of Tanks, then it is quite possible that this video will interest you. Subscribe to the Valhalla Toons channel so as not to miss new cartoons about tanks and of course thanks for watching! By the way, have a fun Halloween, friends! #valhalla_toons #cartoons_about_tanks #tanks #world_of_tanks_cartoon #tanks_animation
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