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Ella meets Frogalina (a frog ballerina) who shows her how to enjoy the rain with some splashy ballet dance moves. Inspired, Ella shows Go-Go the cat and Pablo the pig that rain is important, and fun, on Lellobee Farm.

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0:00 Rain Rain Go Away
2:10 10 Little Buses
4:09 Happy Place
6:07 5 Little Ducks - Playtime at the Farm!
8:09 Chinese New Year
10:09 Yes Yes Vegetables Song - Healthy Habits!
12:07 The Penguin Dance
14:10 Wash Your Hands, Scrub That Soap Song
16:19 Bath Song
18:22 No Monsters Scared Of The Dark
20:23 Bedtime Song
22:24 Get Active Dance
24:23 Baa Baa Black Sheep
26:26 Please and Thank You Song
28:28 ABC Song - Learn Phonics

⭐ Lyrics ⭐

Rain Rain Go Away
Come again another day
Everybody wants to play
Rain Rain Go Away

Rain Rain Please Please Stay
Ella wants to splash and play
We’ll get wet, but that’s okay
Rain Rain Come this way!

Rain Rain Pour right down
Make a puddle on the ground
Pablo wants to splash around
Rain rain Pour right down

Rain Rain Don’t be shy
You can bring the plants to life
We need water every day
Rain rain Come this way!

Rain Rain Please Please Stay
On Lellobee City Farm Today!
We’ll get wet, but that’s okay
Rain Rain Come this way!

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